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About company

About company

The Stilhaus Gallery is located in a building historically associated with commerce and art. Back at the end of the 19th century, a Deryabkin Market opened on the grounds of the future house at Maly Ave. 54-56 opened Deriabkin Market, where city residents could find rare items of silk, wool, cotton, lace, tableware and haberdashery. There was also a warehouse for theater and circus scenery, which was rented by the famous entrepreneur Abram Petrovich Leifert. Later, the already familiar building in the Stalinist Empire style was built on the site of the market. It housed shopping malls. Preserving the genius of the place, Stilhaus continues the tradition established in the century before last. Since its opening in 2001, the interior gallery has been providing its clients with a full range of services in interior design and decor. More than 100 leading European brands of furniture, finishing materials and interior accessories are represented in the space. In September 2020, Stilhaus introduced a new format of interior solutions and accessories studio. Today the Stilhaus space features kitchens and closet systems from German manufacturers Eggersmann and Schmalenbach, which combine an individual design approach, technology and German pragmatism in their work. The interior of the studio, created from pieces of furniture from the leading brands, conveys a cozy atmosphere of the house, where one wants to live.

Stilhaus studio offers:

  • the possibility of a "test drive" of the furniture
  • high quality product and design
  • reasonable price
  • consultation of our designers - professionals in their field
  • delivery on the agreed date
  • after-sales service

Stilhaus is:

  • responsibility
  • team feeling
  • competence
  • discipline
  • reliability
  • stability